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  • I live in Rochester
  • I was born on March 26
  • My occupation is Transformative Learning, Autodidacticism
  • I am Hypermasculine Philosophical Pain in the Ass

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Authority control|ORCID=0000-0001-5971-0339
Yes, that's up top on purpose.

(Pneuma) Mystic and Ideal Self
(The Ideals of Self which You choose to strive toward, for Your own reasons)

(Noos) Authentic and Philosophical Self
(How You see Yourself within your view of your context)

(Psyche) Social Self
(Others Social and Political Caricature of You)

(Soma) Dynamic and Changing Self
(How time and experience change you)

Effort Conflict Combat
War Lethal Force Assault
Injury Deformity

(Sarx) Empirical Self
(Your innate capacities at any given moment)

++Lila, An Inquiry Into Morals
++Postmodernism and Authenticity

JCN: "What they really fear is that AI will be so persuasive, so subtle, so seductive, so productive, and so invisible, that control of human fate will pass from those who never had any real control anyway, to systems which can actually control the totality of human experience without at all attempting to control human beings themselves."

My hobbies include Runescape, Vulcan Kal-toh, and the Glass Bead Game.

anadata, data, and katadata?
ultradata, data, and infradata?
macrodata, data, and microdata!
exodata, mesodata, endodata
intra(-human)data, inter(-human)data, extra(-human)data
"Man is the measure[er] of all things." I think we have a winner here!

The Paradox of Options: Why more Options make for fewer Choices
A Wealth of Options and Intelligent Choices

User:TheLastWordSword/All the World's a Stage

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User:TheLastWordSword/Societal and Group Conflict

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User:TheLastWordSword/Variables and Threshold values of a System

User:TheLastWordSword/Four Principles

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User:TheLastWordSword/The Golden Age

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User:TheLastWordSword/Terrorism as Zero-Day Exploit: A Modest Proposal

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User:TheLastWordSword/Applying for a Philosophy Chair

Notes for Projects

User:TheLastWordSword/Essence of Military Conflict

User:TheLastWordSword/Typefall in Java?

Ideas & memes

Capital & currency

Power & Work

State & vector

My ORCID:0000-0001-5971-0339

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Things to do:

1. Organize my Category tags waaaaay better.

2. Focus on Cybernesis, with or without contributions.

Cybernesis seems to hinge on Human Potential, which is an old favorite of mine. Throw in a rapidly shifting society, and some high-powered technology, and that pretty much wraps up the subject. To begin: Survival basics from Meatspace.

3. Cybernesis: Narratives, Roles, Tools, People, Accomplishments

4. Remember that everyone that hadn't discovered the Interwebs previously is simply fascinated by Facebook right now, and won't be ready for any serious discussions for quite a while yet. That's okay. You should have seen me back in my larval days -- wait, no, don't go there!!!

5. LOOK!!! PORN!!!

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