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Our perceptions of the Objective Universe around us as being Material, Actual, and Potential, in which we stand seemingly aloof as Subjective Observers, leaves us few comprehensible stances, separate from the Material, Actual, and Potential portions of our own Existence, except to consider this Subjectivity as entirely Virtual. This Virtual aspect of our Existence is also the foundation of the constantly emerging view of our Reality that we have come to call Local Realism, a Virtual Space which is entirely comprehensible to us in a biological and visceral way, but which is no real guide to the processes underlying these appearances.

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Our "Best Model" of Local Realism can be accurate in all ways, up to a finite number of standard deviations, but a Stochastic Universe will always confront us with unforeseen events, and seemingly impossible accomplishments. The Experience of the "Wild Magik" of Reality is never out of date, only the Model of Mundanity. Social Authority rests on Proprietary and sometimes Sinister versions of Local Realism, while Individual Agency rests upon the far more secure foundations of Direct and Reproducible Experiences of Reality.

Lupasco's Indeterminate Computational Matrix

1.) that the entire (Virtual & Potential) Reality around us (and in us!) is a set of Indeterminate variables resembling Lupasco's "T"
2.) that these indeterminate values are made determinate (Real & Actual) through a cascading set of interactions amongst these virtual and potential values
(Upscale from fundamental particles to macroscopic objects and systems)
3.) the Material and Actual Reality that we perceive is the result of values which have already become determinate having a strong influence on near-ish neighboring values (See below!)
4.) where indeterminate values are surrounded by *other* indeterminate values, they tend to remain in this original superposition of being indeterminate (Mostly Free Will)

((Mostly Free Will as "Strange Attractor"?
Endosphere of nearly pure "T" states
"Buffering" Mesosphere of Highly balanced Determinate states
-- Instinctive, Intuitive and Iconic -- Organism Preferences of Relations
Exosphere of Environmentally Responsive Determinate states))

5.) entities with mass cannot be made to respond to these shifting relations in a timely way when they are traveling at a significant value of the speed of light without exponential investments of energy toward further acceleration (an isomorphic reinterpretation of the Higgs' Boson)
6.) the weakest but most universal force in Nature, Gravity, depends only on this Potentiality of Indeterminate States.

Entropy and Raw Material Resources

In the processing of material objects, entropy is produced (waste heat), but exactly nothing is added to these raw materials in the production of finished goods; entropy (those material relations we find undesirable) are being removed from the resources, which is the only meaningful distinction between them and the finished goods. The *transfer* or *conversion* of Entropy is the whole of the consumption of Energy in the Pursuit of Useful Work done.

"Near-ish" Neighbors

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