The Rule of Nines says that you can create a scale based on how many 9s can be placed on the value of the effort or outcome. Like this:

One Nine


"One Good Thing"

"Any sincere contribution to a Wiki beats a blank." Basically, making any contribution in a socially open system, such as a Wiki, or a community in the larger world, for that matter, is a worthy endeavor, and can be built upon by others. Your edit may be deleted, marked up, reworked, whatever, but at least you tried, and more often than not, what you throw at the wall will stick, one way or another.

Two Nines


"Good Enough"

The value of a Wiki page tends to reach a stable maximum of accuracy and consensus, in that many people might believe it could be more accurate, but they do not agree on which positon is more accurate than what is already had. Similarly, vandalism happens, but if 99% of the pages are in order 99% of the time, relax! If any page is being heavily vandalized, the regular users should ask themselves why, and "Assume Bad Faith".

Five Nines


Five nines is considered a standard of excellence in practice, and is probably considered fairly accurate for theoretical work as well.

N# of Nines


Just So

This is the dream of every ambitious person for the things they feel passionate about. Note that the number of Nines can be larger or smaller, depending on the skill level of the person making the effort, and the real challenge of the attempt. For groudbreaking work, prototypes, or just learning a normal skill, even One Nine may be considered a personal or group victory.