The Population Bomb

Review of: _The_Population_Bomb_, book authored by Paul Ehrlich

This is a simplistic bit of trashy propaganda, but students of History ought to be thoroughly aware of it; real people, even United States citizens, were in fact covertly and coercively sterilized on the "strength" of these and similar arguments. Works of propaganda such as this are the most dangerous to populations deliberately made vulnerable through the systematic discouragement of insightful criticism. These are arguments grounded in urgency and expediency, but devoid of the Commonality of Human Experience and the Reproducibility of Material Evidence.

This is a road map for the writing of any violent "activist" manifesto. The book is filled with ridiculous "mathematical", "scientific", and "historic" extrapolations. In a direct comparison to the Unabomber Manifesto, this book also posits a "problematic" condition, in this case population growth rather than technology. Both writings also raise the problem of Authority, or Positive Political Legitimacy, or more simply and honestly, Intellectual Hubris, only to dismiss this aspect as being relatively harmless in comparison to the "real" problem. This element of unintentional self-parody should be underscored.

Throw in some strong associations with an early incarnation of the "Prepper" Movement, and calls for the compulsory sterilization of politically vulnerable segments of the population, and we have a text that possibly rivals Adolf Hitler's _Mein_Kampf_ for being monstrously immoral. This book is yet another example of over-privileged "intellectualism" appealing to Fascist Authoritarianism to exploit others to maintain that privilege, and even to extend it, at any cost in human misery it can encompass. This School of Infallibility and Privilege obviously survives and thrives, even today. You cannot Legislate this problem away: you might comparably try to give yourself an appendectomy.

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