I have attempted here to summarize the nature of all rules, and I believe I have done a fairly decent job. If I'm correct in this, any further addition to these meta-rules would be corollaries of the original five. Let's see what happens!

Rule #1 There are always rules.

Rule #2 There are rules about making rules.

Rule #3 There are rules about breaking rules.

Rule #4 And the reason that there are always rules is:

Rule #5 There are always consequences.

It's seems rather obvious that these last two rules need a bit of formalization, but how to do so properly, without creating a circular or otherwise problematic definition, is not as obvious to me. It will take some work. Note that r3 combined then with r2 yields a rule covering an exceptional circumstance, an "exception to the rule". r1 could be called the existence rule, and r4 and r5 point out the relationship between consequence, reason, and formalized rules.

I've just committed this to HTML, and already I'm thinking about the rational process between perception of circumstance and estimation of consequence. So much for a simple set of rules! I might be able to keep it simple, but it's not looking good, is it? Anyway, r1 - r5 are really handy, both for yourself, and as a gift! P;D