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Experiential Worlds


Epistemology and Metaphysics

In my opinion, Metaphysics, the study of what is fundamentally real, cannot be about anything but the unproven beliefs we hold in Philosophy. These unproven beliefs help us organize our inquiries and knowledge within Philosophy (and other fields as well), but so long as they remain unproven, they remain outside any other study. If a belief simply isn't able to be falsified, it may remain a Metaphysical statement.

Logic and Language





Fundamental Dimensions


These are not full discussions of terms, but short and idiosyncratic definitions.

Term Definition
wisdom the ability to instruct and inform, and the lasting power of these concepts and instructions; the correlation between linguistic statements, the concepts they purport to represent, and personal experiences (gnowledge) that form the content of one's own and others' Phenomenal worlds
intelligence the ability to communicate with others, covering a variety of dimensions, such as fluency, eloquence, vocabulary, and several others
charisma the ability to show an affinity for others and their concerns
special revelation the body of religious beliefs which create a special affinity amongst professing, believing, and adherent members of a religion especially, in preference to demonstrating an affinity for human beings in general
general revelation the body of beliefs as espoused by a religion which Humanity is free to discuss, believe, reject, or amend as they see fit, and which therefore have much wider appeal and utility; the appeal to the affinity of Mankind as a whole, and the reality faced in common
unreligion the selective adaptation of the general revelations of multiple religious and secular beliefs so as to form a coherent and powerful whole, rejecting special revelation as unnecessary to the communication of wisdom and concern
idiosyncratic unique and personal


"guh NOL lej"

the experiences of existence in physical reality, and the changes in disposition and behavior which result from these experiences; prior to language, but communicated by language predominantly. Gnowledge forms a counterpart to 0nowledge in that it is all content, and therefore extremely difficult to translate faithfully and fluently into language to be communicated to others

((Real Numbers))


"kuh NOL lej"

the content referred to by language which is passed on to others with high confidence, but without personal experience; "I know that black holes have a temperature which can be calculated from their mass." (No one has yet detected a black hole directly with any scientific instrument; their existence remains a strong inference from other phenomena.)

((Complex Numbers))


"oh NOH lej"

a content-free symbolic calculus performed with ordinary language as its symbolic set; in simpler terms, sheer nonsense: "Our stock value naturally rose as a consequence of our optimization of communicating potentialities to our customers." Terms tend to retain the same "meaning" for considerable stretches of time, but can be transformed as the situation and needs require, without applying much effort at all. 0nowledge is Phenomenal only in the half of P applying to the social, political, and psychological features.

((Imaginary Numbers))

virtue the Good Kirk, the wimp that cares

the Bad Kirk, the jerk that sizzles

character *The* Kirk, the one that everyone but the Klingons love
judgement the ability to decide on a particular balance of virtue and ambition in a given situation
strategy 0knowledge; Imaginary numbers; surprise the "intestinal fortitude" out of my enemy with something he couldn't have possibly imagined
tactics gnowledge; Real numbers; a set of sound practices, grounded in real experience; enemy efforts simply improve and confirm their value
battle plan

knowledge; Complex numbers; the fairy tale I tell myself and my troops as we head off into battle; hopefully the enemy will find it thoroughly engaging P:D


that thing that I *hope* is true, but I'm not sure that it is



a set of procedures that I believe I have enough experience in using that they will establish the truth of other things I merely *hope* are true



the results of an experiment which establish whether I wished upon the correct star or not


law binding definitions of legitimate or illegitimate social behavior; explicit social policies of implicit perceptions concerning Meritocracy
money the mediums of exchange which both measure and establish the relative Merits of goods and services; "He makes a great deal of money, and the quality of his work makes it clear why that is so."
Meritocracy a government founded upon the quality of service rendered by various members of the community
Democracy the form of government founded upon decisions being made by the community as a whole, within the framework of agreed values already established
Republic a government founded upon the shared values of the community which is so governed
selfishness using an optimization function for a set of localized values, regardless of the change in a set of global values
altruisim using an optimization function for a set of global values, regardless of the change in a set of localized values
economics using a generalized optimization function for ALL VALUES, localized and global functions included
Social Narrative The record of civilization, and the standards by which authorities act; the most authoritative account of what is considered fact, truth, or knowledge
Social Discourse The process by which the Social Narrative is constantly re-examined and re-evaluated; more popular in its orientation, it still requires significant social standing to have an impact on either the Social Discourse or the Social Narrative.