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Apology to the Reader

This material is still currently in its "RANT" form, so you may not like what you see here, but this is in no way the finished work. Please bear with me. Thank you.

All forms of Sophistication (NOT Complexity) are Competing Monotheisms of Angels Dancing on Pinheads.

A Sophistication is a Plausible but Exceptionally Improbable Complexity; a name-brand superficiality of Complexity

Denial of Information, Offensive Secrecy and Privacy

"I can solve all the World's Problems while standing on one foot." Any fool can say it, but it takes all of the World's population to solve all the World's Problems. Maybe you should let them at it.

The Smug Self-Righteousness of the Walrus, the Carpenter, and now, just any Asswipe:
The Signature Feature of a Cult is to take the Creation Story, The Name Brand Personification of Positive Legitimacy, Who Creates All of Existence, and turning it into a Justification of Exploiting all the Pagan Unbelievers, Anyone and Everyone Outside the One True Faith (and then all the Gullible Sheep Within the Faith as well). The "Wisdom" of Religious Cults is a Patented Demiurge of Positive Legitimacy. The "Knowledge" of the Dunning-Kruger Cult is the reverse engineering of a very similar Demiurge. [Denial of the Independent Existence of Complexity, Information, Attention, Intellectual Freedom, and even more pathetically, Free Will.]

Apocalyptic Cults Against the Global Will:
Separate, Exclusive, Unjust, and Unequal Proprietary Standards of Legitimacy:
So long as your Supreme Being, your Creator, is An Icon of Positive Legitimacy, you will die. You will die slow, painful, and ugly deaths, at the hands of those who actually concern themselves with the welfare of their fellow human beings, regardless of their similar or different faiths. [Allies Defeat Axis Powers; Spanish Journalists Screw Themselves by Asserting Proprietary Rights Against Google News Searches]

Patient and Trustworthy Faith of the Global Will:
<>, Inclusive, Just, and Equal Public Standards of Legitimacy:
If, however, your Supreme Being, your Creator, is seen as An Icon of Negative Legitimacy, you will always prosper; you will always have the benefit of the good will of your fellow man; you will be recognized for your consistent efforts to be a Good Steward, and your efforts to always improve the standards of performance, humanely and rationally, will make you the center of attention, for the best reasons, and in the very best way.