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A Brief Note

Visual Notes

These are scanned images of notes I've collected, presenting my ideas in their rawest form. You might recognize some of these concepts in my other texts. Enjoy, but bring at least a machete, and some caution.

Notes for Projects

Civilization and its Discontents

Consciousness Explained Away

A Study of Fundamental Logic


Science and the Philosophy of Science

Levels of Discussion

Linguistic Fictionalization

Original Observations Only Occur to Individuals

Wicked Problems in Decision and Discovery


Command is the Magic Wand of the Worthless


These pieces are dangerously unfinished, so proceed at your own risk!

Mostly Harmless

These pieces are mostly finished, but I touch them up on occasion.


A series of discussions concerning the sort of person who will continue to do well in an evolving Cybernetic Age. This includes concepts like "Convergence". The ability to communicate effectively will increasingly depend on the ability to focus efforts at tiny scales (single characters and lines of code, etc.) in order to have effect at much larger scales (perception of the Global Will, for example).

Overview of Academic Disciplines

Wikia as a Third Party

Phenomenal Worlds

Good News


Bad News

The Walter Ego Show!!!

There's some stuff in my head too weird for me to claim as my own, so here for your amusement, I present to you, The Walter Ego Show!!!