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Rocket Science.png

Trisecting the Angle

This is a rough demonstration of how to very closely approximate the trisection of the angle.

  1. divide the rays of the angle into thirds
  2. superscribe an arc at the 2/3 mark
  3. be sure to bisect the angle if you haven't already
  4. note the intersection of your new arc and the bisection (Point "M" for "Magik"!)
  5. draw lines from the one-third marks through Point M to the arc of the original angle
  6. Voila! There are your three 20-degree angles! (Accurate to quite a few nines of precision, anyway!)


Trisection Simple.png

Trisection Pointers.png

Pixel Art

This is something special. I created it with the Google QR code generator API and MSPaint (both property of their respective companies). But the colors are all of my choosing! Simply turn all of the portions that aren't white to black (Image --> Attributes --> Colors --> Black and white) and then you have a standard QR code (in this case, the URL for this page)!

"Natural Talent" Modest, huh?

Silly Experiments

Ok, so the same guy who brought you "Signs of Division" now brings you -- tahdah! -- silly color squares! (Yeah, I know, they're kind of lame, but it's just the beginning of experiments with color on widely available software. Your kid could do this, which is kind of the point. I just did it FIRST! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!)

These are are all the same image,

reduced to various sizes (by percentage):


Blotter2mini @ 100%

Blotter2mini @ 80%

Blotter2mini @ 75%

Blotter2mini @ 60%

Blotter2mini @ 55%

Blotter2mini @ 51%

Huge abstract


contrasting colors with Color Invert tool

Finished Grays

This is more what I was aiming for!

This is a faux neutral gray composed of closely-set RGB pixels, ready for shaping into specific shapes and fonts against a true neutral gray for scaling, distance, visual acuity, and other effects.


Can you see it?

I'm still experimenting, but you see the potential here, right? P:D