"There's plenty of room at the bottom." -- Richard P. Feynman

Just a few dreamy little suggestions for the glorious future of Minecraft. Enjoy!

Minecraft I:

From what I understand, the current Minecraft is a dreamworld of creative invention for even the most casual player (though some may question at this point if there is such a thing as a "casual" Minecraft player). Easy game mods, red dust, and a host of other features make this simple, blocky game a wonderland of immersive play. Just be sure to come up for air once in a while, as you could easily forget the need to eat or sleep somewhere people refer to as "the real world", whatever that is.

Interestingly enough, Minecraft seems to effortlessly accomplish what many games only dream of -- the environment is fully interactive, volumetric, and a host of other technical terms apply, all of which adds up to one somewhat less technical term bandied about since the days of Kriegspiel and sandtables: "realism". That it also seems to be a working example of the gaming principle of "play-ability" just makes it that much more amazing.

Minecraft II: Nanotech

Imagine being able to divide a cube of stuff in Minecraft into 64 sub-cubes (4 x 4 x 4) of smaller stuff -- and then sub-divide the smaller cubes as well, at the price of the memory needed for a higher level of detail (similar to the need for more memory for a larger biome[?]). Then you can miniaturize your favorite red-dust creations into something you can place on a table inside your protected little Minecraft fortress! Can you hear me now? Good.

Minecraft III: The Periodic Table

Recipes get freshened up, allowing blocks to be broken down into constituent elements -- air is primarily oxygen and nitrogen, etc. etc. Silicon wafers begin to proliferate and multiply endlessly, allowing for truly miniaturized electronics. Hot air ballons and automobiles, anyone?

Minecraft IV: Boson Dreams

Now we make basic subatomic particles, such as protons, neutrons, and electrons. I leave it as an exercize for the interested student, er... miner... just what would not be possible at this level. P;D