"I warrant you free, now pay my fee." -- Lawyer's Adage

Some of you may have noticed that I sometimes don't finish my writing projects here, and I do feel guilty at times. It's not like I don't care -- it's just that it's such a pain in the butt! This is the thing I do when I'm bored and nothing better is going on. It's a hobby. Sometimes I feel my creative juices flowing, but in order to keep chugging away, I have to find the places where I'm prepared to make forward progress, and it's rarely all in one place at one time.

Personally, I'll be glad if (when) all this work will be split up amongst a wide variety of people. Philosophy, journalism, science, all being done by ordinary people who want an answer to their own burning questions. The quality of effort, especially over the long haul, might go up (after a while). Pat answers would be permanently retired by a vital and vibrant dialogue (after the Jerry Springer phase ends). Blah blah blah. Okay, I made my point; the cursor, having writ, will now move on.